February 18, 2016

Transportation Infrastructure

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The City of Miramichi is accessible by all standard forms of transportation. Air, road and railway facilities are all located in the area.

Miramichi Airport

The Miramichi Airport is conveniently located within City limits and is close to Sky Park. Miramichi Airport (YCH) is a certified airport, operated by Miramichi Airport Commission, a not-for-profit organization. The Miramichi Airport has a total land area of 346 ha which includes an air terminal building of 295 square metres and one asphalt runway 3050 m x 45 m with 1798 metres of runway length currently being utilized. Navigational equipment in place at the airport includes a recently upgraded non-directional beacon (NDB), distance measuring equipment (DME) and ARCAL lighting. Two national airports with scheduled domestic and international flights are located within a 1.5-hour drive from City.

Via Rail Canada Ltd

Via Rail Canada Ltd. provides passenger services from Miramichi to Halifax and all western destinations. The Ocean is the train that runs from Halifax to Montreal and is the primary carrier of all passengers in this region. New Brunswick East Coast Railway, which is based out of Campbellton, now owns freight services from Moncton through to Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec.

Acadian Lines

Acadian Lines (formerly SMT) offers daily bus service, departing from Miramichi to all Maritime locations. SMT (Eastern) Ltd was incorporated on June 30, 1937. SMT had been providing public and passenger service, along with parcel express service, seven days a week year in and year out, as is Acadian Lines to this day.

Main Highways

The main highways are Route 8 from Fredericton to Bathurst, and Route 11 from Moncton to the Acadian Peninsula, which intersect in northeastern of Miramichi. Route 126 connects Moncton to the Miramichi by way of Nelson-Miramichi.