February 18, 2016

Places of Worship

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OrganizationLocation Telephone 
 Anglican Church of Canada   
 St. Andrew's Anglican Church 186 Pleasant Street506-622-7614 
 St. Mark's Anglican Church378 Sunset Avenue 506-622-0810 
 Parish of Chatham Anglican Church207 Wellington Street 506-773-7387 
 Calvary Baptist Church207 Delano Avenue 506-622-7388 
 The Point Church582 King George Highway 506-622-4540 
 The Point Church616 Wellington Street 506-622-4540
 Holy Trinity Congregational Christian Church125 Maher Street 506-778-2387 
 Jehovah's Witnesses
 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses1040 King George Highway 506-622-7186 
 River of LIfe Assembly345 Beaverbrook Road 506-622-2202 
 Miramichi Christian Council for Reconciliation233 McArthur Street 506-622-0377 
 Family Worship Centre1148 King George Highway 506-627-0505 
 United Pentecostal Church146 Kng Street 506-773-6964 
 Calvin Presbyterian Church37 King Street 506-773-7141 
 Covenant Presbyterian Church357 McKenna Avenue 506-836-7577 
 St. James Presbyterian Church275 Newcastle Boulevard 506-622-1648 
 Sovereign Community Church302 Big Ferry Road 506-773-9624 
 Roman Catholic
 Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church306 Water Street 506-622-2736 
 St. Andrew's Church4464 Water Street 506-773-6548 
 St. Mary's Church370 Newcastle Boulevard 506-622-5720 
 St. Michael the Archangel Basilica12 Howard Street 506-778-5150 
 St. Patrick's Church12 St. Patrick's Drive 506-622-5733 
St. Samuel's Church 33 St. Samuel's Street  506-778-5160
 Salvation Army
 Salvation Army231 Pleasant Street 506-622-7826 
 Seventh-Day Adventist
 Seventh-Day Adventist234 Pleasant Street 506-624-9872 
 United Church of Canada
 Bethel United Church2843 Route 11 506-773-6768 
Knox United Church 4400 Water Street 506-773-7161
 St. Andrew's United Church 188 Wellington Street506-773-9932 
 St. James & St. John's United Church555 King George Highway 506-622-1598 
 St. Mark's United Church2247 King George Highway 506-773-5252 
 Miramichi Wesleyan 52 Nelson Street506-622-7845 
 Other Area Churches
 Boom Road Pentecostal Church 1535 Route 425506-836-2609 
 Lyttleton Pentecostal Church 37 Halcomb Road, Lyttleton506-836-1820
 Lower Derby Baptist Church5332 Route 108 506-622-3893 
 The Little Southwest Baptist Church2601 Route 420 506-836-7846