February 18, 2016

City Council

Version Française

Adam Lordon
Email: Adam Lordon
Deputy Mayor
Brian King
1 Maplewood Street
Miramichi, N.B
E1N 3G9
(506) 773-6543
Email: Brian King
Tara Ross-Robinson
4420 Water Street
Miramichi, NB
E1N 4L7
(506) 773-7470
Email: Tara Ross-Robinson
Billy Fleiger
307 O'Keefe Road
Miramichi, N.B
E1N 6J3
(506) 773-6508
Email: Billy Fleiger
Chad Duplessie
18 Stanley Street
Miramichi, NB
E1N 2S8
(506) 625-4806
Email: Chad Duplessie
Tom King
657 Water Street
Miramichi, NB
E1N 4B9
(506) 623-9924
Email: Tom King
Tony (Bucket) Walsh
376 Skyline Avenue
Miramichi, N.B.
E1V 1B2
(506) 622-4612
Email: Tony Walsh
Shelly Williams
415 Railway Avenue
Miramichi, N.B
E1V 1G2
(506) 622-6548
Email: Shelly Williams
Ryan Somers
(506) 625-1384
Email: Ryan Somers

Please be advised until further notice the roadway on Route 430 C. I. Road from Civic
number 12915 to 12885 is closed to ALL through traffic. Traffic is to be diverted to
alternate routes from the Beaverbrook Road to Tilley Road and Maple Glen to Whitneyville