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Fire Chief – City of Miramichi – New Brunswick

 Miramichi Fire

The City of Miramichi, population 18,000, is located on the east coast of New Brunswick and the shores of the beautiful Miramichi River. The river offers whitewater opportunities for canoe and kayak, and angling for Atlantic salmon and brook trout. About one-half of the sport catch of Atlantic salmon in North America is landed on the Miramichi River and its tributaries. The warm waters of Miramichi Bay offer an ideal setting for sailing enthusiasts during summer and, in winter, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling is available on an extensive network of trails which also supports hiking, cycling, and birding in the summer.

Miramichi enjoys one of the lowest cost of living environments in the country, and minimal commute to work times. Residents only need a weather report; no traffic report is necessary. In addition to a full range of summer and winter sports programs and facilities, the city offers a regional hospital and community college.

The city is seeking a leader for its composite fire department currently made up of a deputy, a division chief of prevention, an administrative assistant, 16 full-time firefighters, four-part time, and approximately 38 volunteer firefighters. Full time personnel are assigned to work out of two stations, on the east and west sides of the Miramichi River. A third station, staffed by volunteer firefighters, is located on the east side of the river in the community of Loggieville. The department also provides suppression services for several outlying municipalities.

The department has experienced some organizational and operational challenges in the past few years. A very recent consultant review provided the city with recommendations that include the transition from a response oriented organization to one that puts education and prevention at the forefront, while ensuring competent suppression capabilities are able to respond when required.

This is not a developmental role but one better suited to an experienced emergency services chief, or deputy, who can bring the fire department into line with current day practices and principles of sound and proactive fire prevention and public education.

Applicants should incorporate in their resumes work related or personal examples of interpersonal relationships with staff or supervisors and how they contributed to successful project completion or workplace achievements. Other examples of previous successes can include occasions where firm guidance was employed when collaboration and teamwork were not successful; specific examples of successfully steering companies, businesses, or associations through adversity to a positive outcome; or piloting organizations to achieve an assigned mandate.

If you respect the tradition of fire services, yet think outside the proverbial box while believing that no organization can stand still; if you understand the importance of data capture and statistical analysis in decision-making; if you believe the best way to protect the community and firefighters is to prevent fires; and, if the challenge of driving towards success in a sometimes difficult organizational, operational, and human resource environment brings a slight smile to your face, send us your application.

The City offers a competitive salary and benefit package.  Interested applicants can forward their resumes to [email protected] or City of Miramichi, Department of Human Resources,

141 Henry St., Miramichi, NB E1V 2N5 on or by 4:00 pm on May 1,2017.

Previous applicants may reapply based on the requirements outlined above.