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The Finance Department for the City of Miramichi consists of seven full-time employees. The hours of operation for the department are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday. Employees in the department perform various functions: reception duties for City Hall, answering general public inquiries, answering inquiries regarding water and/or sewerage bills, processing customer payments, processing of invoices and cheques, etc. The Finance Department also works to provide other City departments and members of Council with the most up-to-date and accurate financial information possible.

Accounts Payable:

The Accounts Payable section of the Finance Department is responsible for issuing all cheques for goods and services purchased by the City. Last year the department issued seven thousand cheques, and processed approximately forty thousand invoices.

Accounts Receivable:

The Accounts Receivable section of the Finance Department is responsible for receipting all monies received by the City for water and/or sewerage invoices and other various sources of revenue including Sale of Dog Tags.

The Finance Department also prepares collection notices for overdue accounts and calculates payment arrangements for delinquent customers.

Water and/or Sewerage Payment Information Depots

Water & Sewerage Rate Schedule and Hookups

E-billing Request

Contact Information


Darlene O'Shea, Treasurer
Nancy Gorman, Assistant Treasurer506-623-2214
Beverly Jones, Accounting Clerk506-623-2210
Annette LeGresley, Office Clerk506-623-2213
Tanya Matchett, Office Clerk506-623-2209
Shannon Cabel, Office Clerk506-623-2200
Brenda Landry, Office Clerk506-623-2095

Budget/Tax Rates

2015 City of Miramichi Budget

2014 City of Miramichi Budget

2013 City of Miramichi Budget

2012 City of Miramichi Budget

(January 19, 2012, PDF, 483.82KM, 25 pages)

Tax Rate: $1.7299

Property Assessment

Grants to Non-Profit Organizations